President Michael D. Higgins officially attends Bealtine events at historic Uisneach


FOR the first time this century, the first citizen of Ireland, President Michael D. Higgins officially attended the Bealtine events at the legendary and historic Hill of Uisneach on Saturday night last, and officially lit the Bealtine fire.

President Higgins was the special guest of honour for this year’s Bealtaine celebration at Uisneach, with his visit also marking the official opening of the new Interpretative Centre close to the ancient roadway from Tara via the Royal site at Uisneach, to the West. This year’s event was trimmed back more than in previous years in order to give the occasion a more unique and cultural feel.

With horses roaming over the hill and wandering bards and story-tellers in full costume, it wasn’t hard to imagine how the Uisneach gathering might have looked thousands of years ago. As the light faded, an incredible sunset lit up the sky supplemented by the many torches dotted over the hill to ensure attendees didn’t lose their way or their footing.