Monday, July 22, 2024

When Barney McKenna slept on the settle bed in Coolnahay Lockhouse…

RECENTLY when we wrote about the Royal Canal walkway and cycleway developments, and about the Lockhouse at the 26th Lock at Coolnahay, we mentioned the fact that among those who had stayed in the old lockhouse, was musician the late Barney McKenna, of Dubliners and traditional banjo-playing fame.

The famous Irish musician was often a visitor to Mullingar and to Coolnahay, as he was a close friend of Pat Christie (pcitured extreme left, back row) and was also of various occasions, among the notable musicians playing in Gunnings licensed premises in Rathconrath- noted for its Irish music sessions. Barney had a great liking for the musicianship of the late great Frank Gavigan from Rathconrath (extreme left, front row), and liked to play with the great Westmeath accordion player.

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