Thursday, December 8, 2022

Bronze Age Trackway at Mayne Bog presented in a new online interpretation

An ancient wooden trackway or togher was discovered in Mayne Bog, near Coole in 2005. In the years that followed, a series of targeted Archaeological surveys and excavations established that the trackway dated from the late Bronze Age (c. 870 BC), about 3,000 years ago.

At that time, the trackway was a major route way, averaging 5m wide and spanning approximately 800m, connecting the higher ground at Mayne with the River Inny to the west.

A new digital interpretation of the Bronze Age Trackway in Mayne Bog features a digital reconstruction and an interactive 3-D model of the trackway and includes a short video.

In this video Archaeologist Jane Whitaker, from IAC (Irish Archaeological Consultancy) describes the results of the archaeological investigations and shares her understanding of how and why the trackway was built. The digital interpretation is now online, linked to Westmeath Archaeological and Historical Society Website: mayne-bog-trackway/.

“The Society are delighted to host this new digital interpretation, which brings to life the sheer scale of the Bronze Age Trackway discovered at Mayne Bog and what a monumental undertaking it was to construct it,” says Seamus O’Brien of Westmeath Archaeological and Historical Society.

Archaeologist Aidan Walsh, who lives nearby says “The Mayne Bog trackway was an important discovery that tells us a lot about the prehistoric population in the area and I am delighted to see the details of this amazing archaeological site being brought to a wide audience.”

“Mayne bog is not accessible to visitors and the surviving stretch of the trackway cannot be seen because it lies between 1.5m to 2m below the surface of the uncut ‘high bog’.

It is this lack of visibility that prompted Westmeath Archaeological and Historical Society to commission a digital presentation of the trackway, that would make the details of this site available to a wide audience online,” says Melanie McQuade, Heritage Officer with Westmeath County Council.

The digital interpretation of the Bronze Age Trackway in Mayne Bog was commissioned by Westmeath Archaeological and Historical Society, designed and created by Nóho digital creators and funded by the Community Monuments Fund, National Monuments Service, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage in partnership with Westmeath County Council.

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