Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Club Focus: Desire to succeed has led Raharney to many memorable days

When one thinks of pride, passion and desire to succeed, one club that springs to mind is the Raharney Hurling Club, where people with an unquenchable desire to achieve the best have led a wonderful local organisation to many great occasions.

Raharney is one of the oldest clubs in the county, formed as far back as 1904 and records show that Raharney Rovers won the senior hurling title of 1913, beating Crookedwood (3-4 to 1-0). They went on to win again the following year and in 1919 captured a third senior crown, but a lean period ensued thereafter and until Joristown Park (the club’s present home) was acquired in the early 1950s, nothing significant was happening for the club.

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