Sunday, November 27, 2022

‘Desecration of Donore’- “People’s trees being chopped down,” say residents

Westmeath County Council under fire for cutting down trees

By Claire Corrigan

Westmeath County Council has come under fire once again this week, for the cutting down of trees from the Donore shore of Lough Derravaragh, a noted visitor attraction and beauty spot. As occurred at Tudenham and also at Lilliput last week, tree cutting took place on publicly used woodland without engaging in any public consultation.

This week, local lady residents from the Multyfarnham area have spoken to Topic regarding what they refer to as the “Desecration of Donore”.
“The very trees that give our legendary Lough Derravaragh it’s name – ‘Loch Dairbhreach’ in Irish, ‘The Lake of The Speckled Oaks’ are now being chopped down one by one.” Deirdre Orme said and her Facebook post about the matter, received substantial support. 

“This destruction is not confined to just the oak. The great beech, chestnut and pin-dales, some the last links with the Anglo-Norman Nugent family and the great Donore Estate, are also being taken out.”


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