Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Drugs dealers wait outside Mullingar Post Offices and demand payment from victims – Topic learns

By Editor and Claire Corrigan

The town of Mullingar has an ongoing and serious drugs problem, and an appeal has been made this week to local people, some of whom are “living in fear” because of family members involved in use of drugs, or through fear of retaliation by those selling and distributing drugs, to go to the Gardai in the town in confidence, and provide the information that would stop what is happening at present.

Residents from two ends of Mullingar as well as other informants who spoke to Topic in confidence (provided their identity was not made known), described what they see as “serious drugs and intimidation problems in the town”, which have been caused by the groups who are selling them. “Parents are being forced to p ay for the addiction of their children.,” we were informed

Some of these suppliers are making money at the expense of “unfortunate young people” who are being “forced” into taking drugs, and then can’t pay back those who supply the drugs to them, and so their parents come under pressure to pay what is owed. “This has led to serious intimidation,” we were informed.


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