Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Fergal’s story of recovery continues to inspire

By Paul O’Donovan

The remarkable story of Fergal Hinngerty continues to inspire so many people across the world. Fergal, who suffered from a very serious back pain and required a major operation has recovered and just recently climbed one of the biggest mountains in Europe.
Fergal, originally from Dublin, moved down to live and work Mullingar a number of years ago. However, an excruciating back pain got worse and worse until suddenly Fergal could take it no more. An operation was required. It was a serious operation, but thankfully it was a success.
Prior to the operation Fergal was in such pain he couldn’t stand for very long without having to sit down, sometimes he would have to lie down on the floor, just to gain some relief from the unbearable pain. That was in 2011.

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