Sunday, December 10, 2023

Fleadh will be eco-friendly and ‘green’ as local reps back plans

Westmeath County Council held a Strategic Policy Committee meeting on Friday May 20 which outlined measures put in place to try keep the town as ‘green’ as possible over the eight-day Fleadh.

Councillors in attendance were unanimously de­lighted with the effort put in to achieve the goal of an eco-friendly festival, so much so that Green Party Cllr Louise Heavin said she was “blown away”.

Six water refill stations will be provided throughout the town, in areas such as Dominic Square, Market Square and the Town Park.
Cllr Frank McDermott expressed the wish that this would be done “well in advance” of the Fleadh to iron out possible issues and pave the way for refill stations being in the surrounding towns also.

A bin hub has been designated for Blackhall and 37 bin stations will be spread out around the town to deal with the high level of plastic cups usage.

Colourful and clear signage was presented to differentiate the types of bins in order to provide “proper segregation”.


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