Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Girl loses a tooth after being knocked down by e-scooter

By Claire Corrigan

A seven-year-old pupil of Presentation School on Harbour Street lost a tooth when she was hit by a passing electric scooter last week.

Kiera Waters’ father, Colin, told Topic that “the handlebar caught Kiera in the mouth so she had a nasty cut on her lower lip and lost a tooth”. She also had bruising to her legs, he added.

He stressed that if the person on the scooter had stopped to see if she was okay, there’d be no more about it but that hadn’t been the case.

He revealed that the gardaí looked into the incident and checked CCTV in the area and the principal of the school has also been contacted. “We will be contacting the gardai again to see if they can have a community presence up there at 2.30pm when the children are coming out, because it’s not the first ‘near miss’.”


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