Wednesday, September 27, 2023

‘Human beings deserve better’ – Mullingar man’s drive to build homes for Tanzania’s poorest

By Robert Kindregan

Mullingar man John McCauley and the Tanzanian Heavenly Homes charity are trying to get people out of mud huts and into accommodation “fit for you and me”.

The charity bought land in Tanzania two years ago and began developing five houses which in turn would house 10 elderly members of the local community.

The houses come with a bathroom and bedroom costing €4,000 to build including materials and labour. Four houses have so far been built with the remaining unit to be finished in the coming months.

With the project nearing completion, John expressed his gratitude to the people of Mullingar for getting them this far.

“Mullingar and the surrounding areas have built this through their very kind donations. And I can’t thank people enough for what they have done.”

The local photographer was motivated to help upon seeing the conditions in ‘mud huts’ where many locals lived. Places that “you wouldn’t put a dog in,” he said.


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