Thursday, November 30, 2023

Jason Keelan: Run of the Mill or have The Downs got the Power?

One of the highlights of the season, for me, has been the chance to see first-hand the rise of ladies football at both club and county level.

While the Maroon may not have reached their destiny at Intermediate level, there have been many positives.

Among them; the leadership brought by the likes of Ciara Blundell and Kelly Boyce-Jordan, the exposing of talent in Mary Dunne, Lara McCartan, and Melek Fagan in defence, having Johanna Quinn back in the middle for experience, and utilising the unique weapon of Aoife Connolly and her off-the-deck free-taking ability (her two 45’s this season were a first in LGFA history).

However, when it comes to the club scene, the gloves are very much off and friendships are cast aside. This season has been no different as the final chapter of the 2023 season – in the county at least – is written.


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