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Keeping it in the Family: Reflective Endings create a personalised and characterised send off

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Reflective Endings are a newly established, family run coffin manufacturing company, based in Multyfarnham. The first of its kind in Ireland, Anita, Martina and Andrew offer a send off in a coffin best suited to the nature and character of your loved ones.

Read on, as Andrew tells us more about this unique local family business …

1. When was the business established and were any previous generations involved? Reflective Endings is a brand new company, in operation for just three months. Anita Tierney is a qualified Embalmer, her mother Martina has a business background and Andrew Greenwood has been in the printing business for several years. A combination of these skills went on to form Reflective Endings, which has been about 18 months in the making.

2. Did the family live in Multyfarnham for many years or where did they come from? Andrew is from England but has lived in Ireland for the last 17 years, having been based in Bray for many years, where he met Anita, who was also based in Bray. They moved to Westmeath six years ago and currently love life in Multyfarnham.

A selection of caskets from Reflective Endings.

3. Who are the family members working in the business now?
Andrew, his wife Anita and their son Alfie work in the business, along with Anita’s mother Martina.

4. What does the business do?
Reflective Endings are a coffin manufacturing company, manufacturing environmentally friendly coffins that are made from sustainable materials and are covered with eco-friendly ink prints on chlorine and PVC free film. They also offer matching ash caskets for those who wish to be cremated. Coffins are available the same day, within three to twenty four hours, depending on size.

5. How has the business changed over the years?
Reflective Endings are the change, especially in this particular business. Andrew tells us he is conscious of the role traditional coffins play in Irish society and that he is hopeful that their business will, in time, be the choice of many for their final send off.

6. Plans for the future?
While it’s early days yet for changes, Andrew is eager to get the next phase of the business in operation, and that is to offer a fitting product for the little souls who leave this world.

7. Any memorable moments to share?
Being from England, Andrew wasn’t aware of the concept of having a ‘wake’ for a person who has passed away. He found the concept hard to fathom but has since realised the importance wakes play when a loved one passes away.

Reflective Endings.

8. In what way do you think you family business adds something special to Multyfarnham or indeed, Mullingar? Andrew is very aware of all the benefits a family business brings to an area and commented on how lovely it is to see so many family businesses in Mullingar and Multyfarnham also. He hopes that they will remain a family business going forward and would also be happy if business grew enough to allow them to employ locally, commenting that the continuity that family businesses offer is what keeps a town going.

9. Pros and Cons of working with family in a business?
A smile in Andrew’s voice tells us that he is happy to work with family, especially in the business they are in, where family, trust and being a close knit unit is of such importance.

10. The last word:
Reflective Endings realise that their products may not be for everyone but that they would like people to take a look at their website – and consider what they or their loved ones would like as their final transport between this world and the next.

They would like people to request their choice of product through their local undertakers (as Reflective Endings do not take bookings directly) and if the local undertaker does not offer coffins or ashes caskets from Reflective Endings, please ask them to contact us on 086 303 2913 and we will do what we can to assist you.

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