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Keeping it in the Family: Wholesome Kitchen winning multiple awards in just two years

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In the two short years Wholesome Kitchen has been in Mullingar, not only have they   revolutionised healthy food with exquisite tastes, they have picked up numerous awards already and have also managed to become a carbon neutral business! Wholesome Kitchen owner David Quirke tells us how important it is for him to keep it in the family …    

1. When was the business established and were any previous generations involved?
Wholesome Kitchen was established in Mullingar in August 2019 although we have been working very hard for 10 years prior to that to make the business idea come to life.

2. Did the family live in Mullingar for many years / where did they come from?
David comes from Rochfortbridge originally and his wife Denise (Buckley) comes from Mullingar, where they both now live.

3. Who are the family members working in the business now?
The business is run by David and his wife Denise. David tells us that both families continue to help out in in various ways; when the restaurant was being set up, they were cleaning and painting and helping getting the space in order, including helping with food operations back of house.

4. What does the business do?
Wholesome Kitchen are into the business of “making healthy food tasty”. David says “they can be considered a fast-casual restaurant that makes all sauces and dishes from scratch, ensuring a balance of spices and herbs are used to make the food healthy and tasty”. They source only the freshest food and local where possible. They are probably the only restaurant that does not have a deep fat fryer in their restaurant and kitchens!

5. How has the business changed over the years?
Although Wholesome Kitchen haven’t been in business long, the restaurant has gone from strength to strength and David tell us that he sees people customers making a big effort to support local, which means a lot to them. Due to Covid-19 regulations, they were also forced to resort to take-away service only, however this has taken off in a big way and that’s a notable change and something they will continue to offer. Social media too has played an important role in the marketing and sale of food.

6. Plans for the future?
The next few months will see Wholesome Kitchen launch their ‘Healthy Meal Plan”, wherein one can order week’s worth of pre-packed healthy meals online and this will be delivered anywhere in Ireland. Foods are currently being lab-tested and once menus get the green light, the launch will be announced.

7. Any memorable moments through the years?
Although it’s been less than two years since Wholesome Kitchen has opened it’s doors, they already managed to pick up the following awards:

Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, Best Newcomer at the 12th Annual Irish Restaurants Awards in Feb 2020 and they recently won the National Small Business award for Best Emerging Business.

8. In what way do you think your family business adds something special to Mullingar?
David believes that being local and present makes a big difference and you can see that from the support from our customers. We’ve had a major focus on healthy eating and sustainability and you can see that it has had a positive influence on the community. We know that we’ve brought a very different offering to Mullingar and that we’re very proud of.

9. Pros and Cons of working with family in a business?
It’s pros all the way for David as he values the efforts and hard work his family have given since the inception of the Wholesome Kitchen; “the reliability of having family members available for last minute support is invaluable”.

10. The last word:
Apart from being very thankful for the immense support of all customers, both local and from further afield, David is very proud of the fact that their building is powered by 100% Green Renewable Energy. “So far we’ve planted 10,000+ trees to date. We chose to partner with Self Help Africa as the trees are planted by some of the people most affected by climate change and in one of the countries that’s least responsible for it. Aside from the amazing effects on the environment, the trees also help to provide food, shade, shelter and jobs to the people most in need of them. As a result we’re proud to say that we’re a carbon neutral business for many years to come.”

If you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend you drop in or order from Wholesome Kitchen – today (telephone 044 933 9975). Their menu has something for everyone’s taste buds.

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