Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Local man has lucky escape while swimming

By Claire Corrigan

“My legs feel like lead,” Derek Montgomery told Topic on Monday morning and after the ordeal he went through on Sunday morning it was little surprise.

Derek is a regular swimmer and has been going to Lough Owel every single morning for over a year now but Sunday was a day like no other and he bravely chose to talk to Topic in order to warn others of the dangers of swimming in cold water. “Normally we go for 6.30am and 7am and on Sunday we go a bit later at 8am.”

After rising on Sunday and having breakfast, Derek made the familiar eight-minute journey out to Port na Shangán with his friend Claire Underwood. “I don’t wear a wetsuit just togs but I do wear a neoprene hat, gloves and socks while also wearing flippers. We swim around 300 metres each day except for Sunday, when we go a bit further. We decided to swim 500 metres that day, to the railway track.”


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