Monday, December 11, 2023

Locals outraged at water outages in Coole and Castlepollard

By Paul O’Donovan

“It is beyond beyond a joke. We are like a Third World country in the middle of a drought. People have accepted this for far too long. On Wednesday of last week we were left with no water for almost 24 hours. It is not good enough,” said Tina Morrissey, a resident of Coole, when speaking to Topic this week about the ongoing water problems in the area.

For quite some time now water outages in the north Westmeath area have been a problem for many residents. Last week was just another example of that, causing more frustration and annoyance for so many people, particularly those with young children.

Orginially from England, Tina Morrissey has been living in Coole for some years now.


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