Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Major drive underway in Westmeath Movathon challenge

GAA Clubs across the county are being urged to drive the project

A renewed drive is being made with Westmeath GAA’s novel fundraising event, the Westmeath Movathon Challenge, which will run until Easter Monday, 5 April.

GAA Clubs across the county are being urged to drive the project, which is aimed at raising in the region of €100,000, funding that will be used for the redevelopment of facilities at TEG Cusack Park and for all county teams, including ladies football and camogie. Leitrim raised €100,000 with a similar event and Westmeath Gaels are being urged to at least match the smallest GAA county in the country.

Westmeath County Board Chairman, Frank Mescall called on all clubs to target €2,000 each and that would bring in €94,000 alone. However, there is a considerable effort required in the next 10 days to reach that target given that just over €22,000 has been donated up to Monday of this week.


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