Sunday, December 10, 2023

Major fundraiser planned by Westmeath GAA

County Board Chairman made an impassioned plea to clubs for support

Westmeath are hoping to emulate Leitrim and raise over €100,000 by mobilising all supporters through the 47 clubs in the county for a series of 5k events during March.

The target is to make a virtual 75k journey across Westmeath by completing a 5k event nearest your home and then making a donation to Westmeath GAA via a GoFundMe page. Walking over 2km a day during March will ensure the mission is accomplished.

Labelled the ‘Westmeath Movathon Lake County Challenge’, the event will reach out to supporters at home and abroad, but the clubs of the county will play a major role.

County Board Chairman, Frank Mescall made an impassioned plea to clubs for support at Monday’s County Board meeting, which was held on-line via Microsoft Teams.


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