Man stabbed sixteen times, set alight, and left to die in his home

The house and grounds at Coolcor, Rhode where 24-year-old Ciarán Murphy suffered extensive burns and stab wounds to his upper body in 2015.

A young Ballynacargy man with 63 previous convictions was before the Dublin Criminal Court last week, in a court case arising from an incident in which a 29-years-old man from Rhode, described as a “low level drugs dealer” was stabbed in his home sixteen times, after being set alight with petrol and left to die, suffering 98 per cent burns from his neck down.

The badly injured man, who had multiple stab wounds, including wounds into his heart cavity, was found by a passerby – who saw the flames from the burning house – in a dog cage in the burning building.

According to the evidence given during the the hearing, the man was set alight by another man after his ex-girlfriend spread a false rumour that he was a Garda informant.