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Mullingar man’s song gets the Simon Casey treatment

Simon Casey released a rendition of ‘The Prayers of the Faithful’ by Mullingar artist Noel O’Farrell on Tuesday, 11 June. “When somebody is interested enough in your work, your words, your music to do that and expend that energy, I can’t describe how well it makes you feel. It’s a fantastic feeling,” Noel told Topic.

‘The Prayers of the Faithful’ features guitar work from Alison Krauss collaborator and Grammy award winner Ron Block. Noel expressed his delight that the legendary guitarist featured on a recording of one of his songs. When Casey told the songwriter Block would perform on the track, it was a pinch me moment.

“Simon heard something in what I do and it resonates with him. So when he told me that Ron Block was playing on it, I thought he was having a laugh,” said Noel.

“When he sent me the demo and I heard the playing I went ‘crikey. Oh my goodness me’.”

This is the second collaboration between Noel and Casey. The Offaly artist previously released a version of Noel’s classic song, ‘The Third Dance from the End’. Casey originally heard Noel play ‘The Prayers of the Faithful’ as an acoustic piece and Noel said he is impressed by the “alchemy” between the singer, Block and producer Danny Sheeran in creating the new rendition.

“His recording of it is magnificent. It’s beautifully produced by Danny Sheeran. It’s a real testament to the skill of those people,” said Noel.

Casey made a name for himself on Irish TV talent show You’re A Star as a contestant in 2003. The Offaly man has built a remarkable career since then and is one of the most sought-after singers in Ireland. Noel wished Casey the best with ‘The Prayers of the Faithful’ and expressed his gratitude for the singer recording the track.

“Whenever anybody responds positively to your words and music it’s a blessing. It’s a terrific thing and something I never take for granted,” he said.

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