Tuesday, February 7, 2023

No surrender – Turf cutters dig in on their demands

By Paul O’Donovan

“We are not surrendering to turf cutting stoppages or to pushing from officialdom,” a very determined John Keane said, when he stood looking across Drumcree Bog last Thursday and spoke to Topic.

John Keane, loves the bog. He loves the bog life. He has been cutting turf on Drumcree bog for the past 40 years. Now turf cutters throughout the country are coming under pressure not to cut any more turf, because of new regulations, but John and his friends on Drumcree Bog are defiant.

They feel that right is on their side, because turf is their fuel and they depend on it for their livelihood, and all of them are determined to continue cutting turf, regardless of other attitudes or attempts to stop them doing so.


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