Friday, January 27, 2023

The 16th Man: After all the house parties it’s time for some games don’t you think?

You know, I often heard it in the past but thought I was hearing things. And I was making allowances for some kind of confusion on the part of NPHET (National Public Health Emergency team). But I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Dr Ronan Glynn talking about the sacrifices everyone is making when suggesting that the improving Covid-19 numbers are now at a low and much improved level.

What sacrifices is Dr Glynn talking about? Is it the people who went abroad on holiday last Christmas at the height of the pandemic, brought home the virus and spread it around the place? Yes folks, that really happened.

Is it the selfish, careless and thoughtless people who headed for England at Christmas and brought back the UK variant to their family members and friends? Is is the people who hired couriers to bring their suitcases to holiday homes in Kerry during recent level 5 restrictions so the Gardaí wouldn’t know that is where they were headed when they were stopped at a checkpoint?


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