Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The Carey Bridge named long before it was even planned!

By Jason McKevitt

The Carey Bridge situated at the Fair Green area of Mullingar, has been an important Pedestrian crossing over the Royal Canal since 1953.

The bridge we see today is the second much wider pedestrian bridge constructed in 1998, to replace the original bridge which stood nearer the Green Bridge side.

On either side of the canal, you may still see the impact of the previous bridge on the wall and canal banks. So let’s look at the history of the Carey Bridge and what led to its construction and indeed its naming.

The Beginnings
After Irish Independence one of the first tasks Mullingar Town Commission aimed to achieve was to create more housing for the town’s inhabitants, with many of our towns inhabitants living in sub-standard accommodation.

The Fairgreen area which for centuries, was also the main location for trade and livestock sales with markets and fairs still very much part of the commerce of the town, was viewed as being a prime location for housing with its large land expanse and central location.


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