Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Women in business: “Personal touch” of utmost importance to Tara Wylie and her team

WITH IRISH financial institutions increasingly moving away from a face-to-face business model, a void has been created for new ventures to offer a personal service and with it peace of mind to their customers.

This personal touch is integral for Tara Wylie and her growing team at New Star Financial Management, who have been offering mortgage broker and financial advice to customers throughout Ireland for over ten years.

Conscious of remaining customer centric, the savvy business woman places emphasis on looking after her existing customers, which regularly results in new customers coming on board. “We don’t have a massive marketing budget, so we make sure to look after the customers we have and by doing that, we tend to get more customer referrals.”

Tara believes in the little things of business, which has resulted in many “thank you” cards from satisfied customers arriving at her office on Blackhall Street, Mullingar.

“If you look after people how you would want to be looked after, you’ll do well. When a customer moves into their new home, they get a hand-written New Home card and a bottle of wine. If we get a referral we’ll send out a small thank you present to whoever initiated the referral. We also regularly get “thank you” cards in return which is a nice morale boost for the Team.”

Customer service is a core element in the success of New Star and it is something which Tara sees as a high priority for her own business and should be to any other business which wants to win customers. “Banks have stepped out of that personal space for customers. Customers are going into large empty banking halls and told to go to phone or machine but at the end of the day people just want to deal with people. The more banks step away from people, the more people like me need to step in.”

Looking to the future, Tara hopes to continue to expand her team in Mullingar and offer  her respected service to customers for many more years to come.

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