Sunday, July 14, 2024

Living a life in the spotlight

By Claire Corrigan

Fresh from finishing filming on her latest film ‘The Rain’ with Rebellion’s Paul Reid, which was filmed amid the stunning landscape of Connemara, Mullingar actress Niamh Algar has had a busy year.
The stunning Mullingar actress has been involved in three big projects this year, including horror-thriller ‘Without Name’ which just had its world premier at the Toronto Film Festival last month and BFI London Festival this month for its UK premier.
Speaking to Topic, Niamh said the film, which was directed by the multi award-winning Lorcan Finnegan, is the most interesting project she has worked on. “It’s quite artistic in its approach to its genre. Two two years ago, I went to my first premiere which was the Galway Film Festival. I saw Lorcan’s film ‘Foxes’ and thought it was really unusual what he was doing and his tone and the way he was able to create this kind of anxiety.”
A few days afterwards, Niamh found herself still thinking about the film and decided to send the acclaimed director an email. “I just said I had seen the film and I was really blown away by it, and looked forward to what he was going to next. I didn’t get a reply.” She laughs.
A year and a half later, Niamh was taking part in a theatre production in Dublin, when her agent asked her if she do an audition on short notice. “She asked if she could learn the script and go in later the same day. I went in and Lorcan was the director. I was so embarrassed. I did the audition and I was sure I had blown it because I didn’t have time to prepare.”
The actress than decided to send in another audition tape (which she shot in her car) and sent it in. Shortly afterwards, her agent told her she had secured the part. The director waited until the wrap party to tell Niamh he had come across her email from two years before. “He said he knew that I was passionate about the project when he read the email and also when I sent in the other audition tap. It was just an example of how things can kind of come together.”

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