Thursday, March 23, 2023

Niall Horan documentary to air next Sunday

Following his sensational visit to Mullingar for August’s Fleadh, Niall Horan’s homecoming is set to air in a special documentary next Sunday.

Recorded over three days, the documentary will follow Horan and Scottish superstar Lewis Capaldi as they take on a road trip filled with fun, friendship and laughter.

Horan and Capaldi’s journey saw them meet world class guitar maker George Lowden, up and coming Irish artist and Tullamore native Tolu Makay, as well as local Dublin busker, Jacob Koopman. Like many an Irish host, Niall will be seen taking his Scottish visitor to the home of the black stuff, the Guinness Storehouse. Overlooking the panoramic view of Dublin from Gravity Bar, they learn how to pull a pint of Guinness and officially become certified pint pouring experts.

SLÁINTE: Niall and Lewis at the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin. Photo: Lucy Foster

From visiting St James Gate brewery, they explore the culturally emerging area of the Liberties, and find themselves amongst the after-work crowds and visiting tourists on Dublin’s busy Grafton Street, who are highly entertained when Lewis and Niall perform an impromptu set with local busker Jacob Koopman.

The documentary will show Niall talking about his love for Ireland and his hometown as he drinks a pint in Clarke’s Bar, Mullingar amid the celebrations of Fleadh ’22.

“I feel like I’ve never left…Every time I come home, I’m just blown away by the creativity here. Not in a Hollywood way, its real authentic talent, people going out there and doing it for the pure love of the craft.”

Photo: Lucy Foster

In the documentary Niall shares how he first connected with Lewis Capaldi over social media after being introduced to his music by his cousin. Their friendship began when the ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ singer invited the Scotsman to open for him during his 2018 ‘Flicker’ tour in Lewis’ hometown of Glasgow. This gave Lewis a huge boost in his career and marked the beginning of Lewis’ own path to stardom.

The film tells a story of friendship and talent while celebrating modern Irish culture through the lens of two global superstars who have an authentic connection to Ireland.

“Niall Horan’s Homecoming: The Road to Mullingar with Lewis Capaldi” will air at 10pm on Sunday, 16 October on Virgin Media One.

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