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Renewable Energy

Energy efficiency is when we use less energy to perform the same task, eliminating energy waste. Energy efficiency brings a range of benefits, the main one being that we lower our household costs, we reducing greenhouse gas emissions thereby reducing demand for energy imports.

With climate change and energy products being high on the political agenda at present, Topic brings you a number of local businesses who can help you reduce your carbon footprint and lead a cleaner, greener lifestyle, ensuring the generations to come can do the same.


Recycling is easy and by now, is almost second nature to many. It creates a positive impact in our everyday lives; simple steps such as bringing your recyclable glass and plastics to the recycle centres goes a long way in contributing to a cleaner, greener environment, as well as keeping your house free from clutter!

Mulleadys Recycling – “All Our Time Goes To Waste”

Mulleadys Recycling – “All Our Time Goes To Waste”

As the tagline says “All Our Time Goes To Waste” – so you can be assured that local business Mulleady’s, offer great deals on recycling and waste services. They have a wide coverage in the Midlands and offer kerbside wheelie bin services, food waste bins, as well as skip hire, for those big clear outs you’ve always been wanting to do! They offer waste management packages via an e-tag system that is easy to use and can be controlled from an app on your phone. Their experienced and friendly staff  are always on standby to help you get the hang of what recycling is all about and are more than happy to spend time briefing you and even your company on the do’s and don’ts.

Check Mulleadys out on:  or give them a call: 044 934 7177.

Mullingar Car Dismantlers – End of Life Vehicle Recycling

Mullingar Car Dismantlers.

Mullingar is lucky to have a fully licensed end of life vehicle recycling area, and one located so central, at Railway Yard (N91 DKX5) in the town. You can dispose of your old vehicle safely and legally, with top prices paid for old and damaged / crashed cars. Keep in mind that recycled car parts, (which are tested before sale) are sold for half the price of new parts, which makes a great difference to your wallet, as well as the environment. Keep Mullingar Car Dismantlers in mind if you have an old vehicle you want to dispose of. Give them a call on 044 934 3755.

CL Recycling

CL Recycling – Recycle Today, Remake Tomorrow

CL Recycling is a family-run local Mullingar business who provide simple and straightforward recycling options to suit your needs. CL Recycling have been in the business almost 40 years and know all there is to know about waste and cater to Westmeath and surrounding counties. Home of the Skippy Bag, CL Recycling offer super skip bag hire and mega skip bag collection services. The Skippy Bags are available in two sizes, Super Bag (1.5 cubic metres) and Mega bag (4 cubic metres) but no matter what the size of your project, CL Recycling can cater to your waste disposal needs. Once your waste reaches the transfer station, the dedicated team separate, screen and recycle all materials using state-of-the-art equipment, so that recyclable items can be put back to good use again on the planet. Contact CL Recycling on 044 933 9544 to discuss your recycling project or to organise your Skippy Bag today.


Renewable energy, often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. For example, sunlight keeps shining and wind keeps blowing, even if their availability depends on time and weather. It is up to all of us to make as much use of these free resources as we can in order to reduce what is known as our carbon footprint. Collectively, we’re all responsible for the environment we leave to younger generations. We have an obligation to them to support their future environment. Many say it’s hard to change old habits however, as we attempt to rebuild our economy this year, we have the chance to make sensible and efficient investments such as low-carbon developments and we have exceptional local businesses who can help us do that.

Bill Collentine Ltd

Bill Collentine Ltd – SEAI Approved Renewable Energy Specialists.

Bill Collentine wears many hats but one thing is sure, Bill and his team are the best in the business of plumbing, heating, water treatment, boilers, gas fires, to name but a few. They are a registered, SEAI approved renewable energy specialists and now promote and install air to water heat pumps as well as solar water heating installations.

Air To Water Heat Pumps are a very efficient and cost effective method of heating and are ideal for underfloor heating systems. They also help to meet Part L compliance of building regulations.

Solar Water Heating systems have become very popular of late, especially as people realise that they significantly reduce your water heating energy bill. The system uses roof mounted tubes and can supply the majority of your hot water in the warmer months and supplements your conventional system in the colder months.

Call Bill or any of his very capable team on 044 934 1142 or 086 245 9216 and be sure to check out their very explanatory website .

SEAI – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (Westmeath County Council)

Westmeath County Council.

Westmeath County Council, in conjunction with the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) challenge you to “Be a local Energy & Climate Hero” and facilitate numerous energy efficient and recycling changes you may wish to make to your household and lifestyle.

As you will see from the advert in this feature, they let you know that “a few changes can make a big difference”; so simple changes like initiating a BER (Building Energy Rating) for your own home to understand what upgrades your home needs to improve your energy rating, will get you thirsting for more energy efficient changes in your life.

The council offer a range of energy efficient options and play a part in the SEAI sustainable communities network, which allows for communities to work closely together to improve how energy is used for the benefit of their community. As part of this SEAI involvement, considering heat-pumps or solar panels or insulation for your home are all steps towards making positive energy changes in how you exist on this planet. Walking, cycling or using carpools and public transport also make small but important changes.

SEAI are having an Energy Show in the RDS on 30 and 31 March this year. This could be the insight you need to kickstart your energy efficiency goals. Check out their website for more information and details.

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