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Keeping it in the Family: C.L. Recycling

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Chris Lynch (C. L.) Recycling is in its 41st year of business in Mullingar and although the helmsman, Chris, has gone to a waste free world, his four children continue to keep the business going from strength to strength. Our chat with Elaine, one of Chris’ daughters helped us get to know more about C.L. Recycling.

1. When was the business established and were any previous generations involved? The business was established in 1980 by the late Chris Lynch, initially as a tool hire company and venturing out into recycling as the years moved on. There were no other generations involved in the business.

2. Did the family live in Mullingar for many years / where did they come from?
Chris came from County Clare. He spent several years in England and in 1975, he arrived in Mullingar and settled down here, setting up his tool hire business in Walshestown a few years later.

3. Who are the family members working in the business now?
Chris’ four children carry on the business their late father started; there’s Martin and Elaine who now take care of the skip hire part of the business and Caroline and James take care of the plant and tool hire business in Walshestown.

4. What does the business do?
The main business is waste recycling and skip and tool hire.

5. How has the business changed over the years?
“People are so much more conscious of re-cycling these days” Elaine shares, mentioning that they have always tried to cater to demand. The addition of the skippy bags to the business in 2004 was a very successful decision as this caters to people in urban areas requiring skips but have limited space – there’s always room for a skippy bag though!

A section of the CL Recycling Fleet

6. Plans for the future?
Elaine is happy to let us know that they have plans for expansion in the coming months, adding metal recycling to their portfolio. This will likely bring about more employment in the area, which is always a good news story. Elaine also tells us that they plan to branch out further afield with their very popular ‘skippy bags’, and they look forward to being able to cater to a wider catchment area with these very soon.

7. Any memorable moments through the years?
Realising they were 40 years in business in 2020 was a bit of a milestone for Elaine and the rest of the family, telling us “it makes you feel proud that you’re successfully carrying on what your Father started all those years ago”.

Expanding the business and moving to the Industrial Estate in Mullingar in 2004 was also a memorable time for the family.

8. In what way do you think you family business adds something special to Mullingar? Elaine feels passionate about the personal touches that a family owned business gives, not least because you always have a face to the business. She adds that family businesses in any town are always there and dependable. If one member of the family isn’t around to help, then another member will certainly go out of their way to make sure you are looked after.

9. Pros and Cons of working with family in a business?
“There was a bit of debate about this question” with the rest of the family Elaine laughs, but overall they agreed that they all get on fairly well. The all like to work and enjoy helping others. The most difficult thing would be not being able to take time off for family occasions and making sure whatever family events are organised, that they happen on a Saturday or Sunday!

10. The last word:
“The last words” Elaine says, “will have to be for our great staff and customers who have supported us for over 40 years now.” Elaborating on how several of the staff have been there for over 20 years with them, Elaine went on to say that “the last year in particular was hard for staff and customers alike but that with everyone’s help and dedication, we were able to keep going and we are very grateful for that”.

… and here’s to 40 plus more years of great business for C. L. Recycling. Check out their website on: or give them a call today (044 933 9544) for your recycling or tool hire needs.

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