Thursday, August 18, 2022

Back to School – (Week 1)

“Just like that” it’s time to start thinking about getting prepared for the children to go back to school!

Focus on Farming in the Midlands – (Part 2)

Last week we brought your part I of our Summer Farming feature, which primarily focused on Farm Safety Week which ran from July 18 to 21. This week we bring you a few more agricultural advertisements from businesses in the midlands and updates articles on what is happening in the world of farming.

Farm Safety Week – 18th-22nd July

Every week is farm safety week on a busy working farm but once a year, usually in July, farming associations and organisations across Ireland and the UK zone in and highlight different aspects of farm safety that every farm resident should be aware of.

Fun Days Out This Summer!

It’s not just the children who will be looking forward to a fun day away this summer, but the parent’s too, as we’ve all spent more than enough time indoors this past 13 months. Finding days away filled with something to suit everyone can be difficult but with a little bit of planning and advance bookings, we’re confident the advertisers in this feature will provide you with some fantastic fun days out!

Summer Wedding Feature

💞Love is all around us and couples in love are no doubt thinking about marriage. There’s no better time to plan a wedding than for the summer months. No matter how changeable the weather may be, you can be sure it’s always going to be warmer and that in itself is a plus, especially when it comes to choosing fashion.

National Learning Network providing great opportunities

Meet Mark from Edenderry, former Sports & Rec Student who chats about how returning to education has transformed his life.

Summer Motoring

Are you one of those drivers that has everything but the kitchen sink in the car? All perfectly organised over the floor, the seats and every available surface. While there are many drivers that pride themselves in a shiny set of wheels, many others struggle to keep their cars clean, both inside and outside.