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The Next Step – Further Education and Career Opportunities on your Doorstep

Friday, September 2, 2022 will be an emotional day for many students (and parents) as the Leaving Certificate exam results will be disclosed to those who sat these exams earlier this year. The worry is real for the majority of students, but there are others that take these anxious moments in their stride and don’t see what all the fuss is about. However you deal with the ‘stress’ these anxious days might bring, the main thing to remember is that it is not the end of the world if you did not get the grades you wanted.

Similarly, those who left school early may be considering up-skilling their talents, or may wish to return back to education. Many may have realised they are in the wrong job and may be seeking a career change. Or some of our readers may want to learn a skill by taking up an apprenticeship.

Croí Laighean Credit Union

Help is at hand

Topic brings you up to date information in this feature, entitled ‘Classes, Courses and Further Opportunities’, that will guide you towards a bright, successful future. We encourage you to make use of the many points of help and assistance available throughout the county and country and hope that this guides you along the path you want to take in your life.

Continue to Learn through an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a programme of education and training which allows you to learn as you work with a qualified professional. Apprenticeship programmes are seeing a noted uptake in applications over the past few years as students realise that third level education is not only limited to universities and colleges, and that an apprenticeship is just what suits them.

These lucrative opportunities available in apprenticeships, teach a skill that is with you throughout your life. The range of industries covered by apprenticeships is no longer limited to construction, mechanics, or other craft trades as industries such as information technology, insurance, finance, accountancy, logistics, and hospitality have all provided vital programmes to further the skills and knowledge of those wishing to choose a path other than universities and colleges.

CTC Mullingar

Who qualifies as an Apprentice?

If you are 16 years or older, or you have just finished your Leaving Certificate and feel that third level education is not for you, then an apprenticeship programme is a great option.

Apprenticeships across the country are industry led, along with education partners and can lead to high levels on the National Framework of Qualifications.

As an apprentice, you receive on the job training with an assigned supervisor and helpful co-workers. You have regular reviews to ensure that you are well supported and that you are progressing at the right pace. All of this while earning on the job also. Throughout the duration of an apprenticeship programme, you receive payment from your employer and receive many of the benefits of employment, the same as your co-workers also such as holiday entitlement and pension contributions.

As most apprenticeship programmes are structured to have both on the job and college training you can still get to experience student life but without accumulating some of the debt that can be associated with third level education. Many apprentices climb through the ranks in their chosen field and along with comprehensive training, you will also gain a qualification with an accredited awarding body, many of which hold world-wide recognition.

Apprenticeships available in The Midlands

Check out the adverts in this feature to see the opportunities available from local companies now offering apprenticeship opportunities.

PEM Automation

Pem Automation

Based in Mullingar, Pem Automation has been in business since 1978 manufacturing special-purpose machinery and engineering products for a wide range of manufacturing companies. The company specialises in automation and tooling for the medical device and automotive sectors. It offers a complete service which includes design, manufacturing, software development, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and robotic automation all under one roof.

Opportunities for Change – Mr. Crumb has the job for you

Mr. Crumb is a multi award winning food company based in the rural village of Finea just outside Mullingar. The company is growing annually and have been described by Check-out Magazine as “One of Ireland’s great success stories.”

As a result of their continued success, Mr. Crumb has the following additional vacancies:

  • Quality – Specifications Tech’ and Quality Control
  • R&D – Process Tech’
  • Finance – Cost Accountant and Accounts Payable
  • Production – 25 floor based Operatives for Production. Packing and Dispatch.

Closing date for receipt of applications for all vacancies is Sunday, September 11 2022.

If any of these positions suit you, send your CV today to: HR Team, Mr. Crumb, Finea, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, N91 H0VH.

Due to the volume of CVs they receive, if you do not hear from Mr. Crumb within a week, please accept that you have been unsuccessful this time round however; be sure to note on your application if you want Mr Crumb to hold your details on file, in consideration for any further vacancies that arise.

St Vincent de Paul offers Educational Support

Society of Vincent de Paul

Further education can be quite expensive and is often the deciding factor for many families when considering third level education. Scholarships, apprenticeships, full or part-funded courses, post-leaving cert studies and many more paths are available for school leavers to explore these-days.

These options, along with the wider availability of part-time student jobs and various other incentives assist student life these days, so the burden of cost is not only on the family but also offers young adults a chance to take responsibility and shoulder some of the financial load. Those that live in remote locations or find themselves in family situations where part time work is not an option, often struggle financially and many are too proud to seek help.

Keep in mind that the Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP) offers financial assistance to students who might need it for attending third level education or approved trining courses. Application forms are available by calling this freephone number – 1800 677 777.

Once you submit your application, a member of the SVP education committee will be in touch with you to discuss your case for approval.

Further Your Education at Moate Business College

Moate Business College

Moate Business College (MBC) is one of the largest colleges of Further Education in the Midlands region. With over thirty years of experience, the college has an excellent reputation for providing learning opportunities that support students to develop their skills and talents, enabling progression to higher education or employment.

Students of all ages, nationalities and abilities are welcome in MBC to the courses which are delivered by an enthusiastic team, dedicated to the highest standards of teaching and learning.

Courses (and Grants) Available

MBC provides eighteen full time courses covering areas such as Nursing, Childcare, Healthcare, Social Studies, Art and Design, Sport and Nutrition, Business, Software Development, Digital Marketing, Tourism, Media and Pre-University Preparation.

Students may apply for a Susi grant while studying in further education and learning support is available for those who require it, enabling all to achieve to their highest potential.

Bridging the Gap

MBC supports students in bridging the gap between the Leaving Certificate and third level education. Further education should be seen as a place of transition, where students can take time and have the opportunity to mature both academically and personally, allowing them to make better future decisions and preparing them for the world of third level or employment.

Repeat the Leaving Cert / Return to Education

The opportunity to repeat Leaving Certificate maths is also possible should students need to do so. Costs are low and affordable, allowing students the opportunity to assess their area of interest before progressing to third level, without investing heavily from a financial perspective.

Students wishing to up-skill or who wish to return to education as a mature student, will also benefit greatly by the qualifications and experience offered to them through further education.

Work Placements

Work placements and field trips are an integral part of MBC programmes, providing students with an invaluable chance to gain practical experience. MBC is also involved in the EU Erasmus + programme which enables students to carry out their work placement in other European countries. The college provides a student-focused career advice service, supporting students in their career planning for the future, and provides workshops, career talks and guest speakers from industry and universities.

Open Days at MBC

Call in to Moate Business College next Wednesday, September 7 or next Friday, September 9 anytime between 10am and 2pm to talk to the dedicated team of professionals about the option that would suit you best.

You can also contact the college by telephone on: 090 648 1178 or by email on: info@moatebc.com and visit their website: www.moatebusinesscollege.com .

Dekotek Automotive Engineering Apprenticeship Programme

Decotek Automotive

Dekotek Automotive in Collinstown specialise in producing decorative trims for many prestigious car brands in the world. They are one of the growing number of companies who recognise the importance of offering apprenticeship courses, enabling their world class standards to continue as their workforce grows.

Check out the Dekotek Automotive advert in this feature and consider applying for one of their apprenticeship opportunities, either as a toolmaker or a fitter. Send your CV to careers@dekotek.com along with any questions you may have about the apprenticeship courses on offer.

The Next Step Towards Your Future at Mullingar Community Training College Offering a huge range of full time, two year training programmes for 16 to 21 year olds, Mullingar Community Training College (MCTC) is a great local option to those who do not wish to leave the area where they live, while furthering their education.

If you fancy a career in catering, hairdressing, sports and fitness, sound engineering and music, or IT skills, then these programmes are definitely worth considering. MSS also offer pre-apprenticeship programmes. These programmes are a great route to get industry recognised qualifications in whatever field you chose.

Free Counselling and Support Service

Learners are offered work-related supports to help with their progression in whatever programme they choose and students may also be eligible for training allowances. MCTC have a free, professional and confidential Counselling and Support Service, which is available to all trainees, offering a safe open and non-judgemental place to discuss whatever your concerns about your next steps in your career. Talking it over with a trained professional can sometimes help to see things more clearly, make choices and develop more effective ways of coping.

For more information call Mullingar Community College on 044 934 2943, email them at: info@mullingarctc.ie or apply online at www.mullingarctc.ie.

A little help from LWETB

You may not have been the brightest spark in the class when you were young, or maybe you were … and you never got your chance to shine. Either way, quite a few adults experience difficulties with everyday reading, basic educational requirements to function in todays world. The majority of adults don’t have the time or the conviction to even think about going back to school but may be willing to consider a little help with the basics. That is where LWETB comes in.

LWETB = Longford Westmeath Education and Training Board.

The LWETB has all the information you need if you are considering returning to education, to get help with the basics, such as reading, writing, spelling, everyday mathematics, budgeting, english language skills, computer skills and advice on applying for jobs.

Learning for Life with the LWETB

The LWETB offer “Learning for Life” courses, with a host of interesting and enjoyable topics to choose from. LWETB are ideal, but not limited to, those preparing to return to work or those who want a change in career.

Let your green-fingers explore the QQI level 4 Horticulture Course which includes all you need to know about growing vegetables, establishing trees and shrubs, plant identification and plant propagation.

Also on offer are QQI Level 3 Employability courses, which include career preparation, computers and IT, Mosaic, Music and Art and hairdressing.

Contact LWETB

If you’re serious about changing jobs or returning to the workforce as a qualified certificate holder in your chosen field of employment, don’t be shy to give LWETB a call (Call Tricia Egginton on 086 832 0649) or send an email to: adultliteracynorth@lwetb.ie .

Your future depends on you taking this important step to connect and Learn for Life with LWETB.

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