Mullingar businesses voice their opinions on Council’s new plans


This week, Westmeath County Council has a local newspaper advertisement (not in Westmeath Topic) announcing that they propose to carry out “the enhancement of Mullingar Town Centre public areas.”

Their plans, estimated to cost €3 million, are intended to be carried out in the near future, with 1 September next listed as the closing date for public submissions or observations.

The advertisement this week is the first public announcement of what is planned, but local business people have already seen the plans, and are annoyed and puzzled, and have held meetings. Their initial reactions to the plans are contained in Topic’s report this week.

The Council plan to make major changes in Mullingar town centre area, including Dominick Street, Oliver Plunkett St., Pearse Street, Mount Street and in Blackhall, to alter traffic flows, and to put in place extended paved foot- path areas and to greatly lessen town parking on streets.