Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Jane Swarbrigg – Business Woman

She’s the woman behind one of the biggest beauty brands in Ireland – Inglot – and this week we met business woman (and proud Mullingar woman) Jane Swarbrigg who spoke about how she sustains her success, her love for parents Geraldine and Tommy Swarbrigg and how everything changed when she welcomed her first child three years ago.

What were you like as a child?
I was very boisterous, a ball of energy; I was quite sweet-natured and stuff but I was just full of energy. My mum said that I would fight them every night about going to sleep and just never stood still. I don’t think much has changed!
My brother Peter is three years younger than me. It’s funny cause we were always very much the opposite of each other personality-wise, polar opposites; we still are but we are partners in business now and that actually works to our advantage. He’s very sales-driven and thinks with his head whereas I’m a little bit more hyper with crazy energy. I think with my heart. Peter very much looks logically at things whereas I look at things more from an emotional perspective. That’s how we work and we actually work very well. It’s good to have a balance in business and that’s why I think it’s hard for entrepreneurs to do things on their own. We also have our mum Geraldine which is great because then you have three people to bounces ideas and opinions off. I can’t imagine making those decisions alone.


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