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Plan the perfect Spring wedding

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Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, a time for brighter days and new beginnings, making it a perfect time of the year to start your married life.

Weddings in general are a time when family and friends unite to celebrate love and unity.

This spring, Topic is delighted to bring you a feature on Spring Weddings, which highlights all that you might need to consider to ensure your special day is the best day of your life.

In this feature, we’ll introduce you to some of the many, award winning hotels you can consider for your big day. We’ll also focus on how important it is to ensure you are financially prepared for this important day, as well as providing some tips on how to ensure you get to relax and enjoy your wedding day.

The biggest party of your life

It is always good to keep in mind that a person’s wedding day is about them and the person that they have decided to spend the rest of their life with. If you are getting married, remember to relax and enjoy the day as well as the months of preparation necessary for the perfect wedding day. Sometimes it will seem daunting, but be at ease and try not to stress too much. A wedding day is essentially a party; the biggest party of your life, but still a party. And parties are supposed to be fun. The planning of the party can be equally enjoyable if you manage to stay organised and on top of things.

Features such as this Topic Spring Wedding Feature are designed to get you thinking and offer you help in organising the biggest party of your life. Our advertisers, which are based throughout the Midlands, are all seasoned professionals in the work they do and deal with wedding parties and requirements on a daily basis. Each advertiser knows how important the day is for you and yours and they will offer you their expert professional advice and service at all times.

Don’t be shy to take whatever help and advice they are offering. This will greatly lessen the load for you and you’re sure you are getting the best recommendations available.

Stay local. Your local shops and wedding providers are those who will add the icing to your cake (pun intended), and will personalise your requirements and their service for you in a way you won’t experience in big cities. Don’t miss out on that; shop local.

The legalities of marriage

In the excitement of preparing for your wedding, it can be easy to forget about the legalities and practicalities surrounding marriage. There are three general types of wedding that take place in Ireland: catholic, civil, and other religions. Whatever style of wedding you choose, don’t forget these important steps along the way to your big day.

1. Notification
Whether you are getting married in Ireland, or are an Irish citizen hoping to marry abroad, couples must give a minimum of three months notice to the registry office in order to get married. An appointment must be made to give said notice, so ensure that your appointment is made in plenty of time.

2. Pre-marriage certificate
Catholic marriages require couples to partake in a marriage preparation course and the certificate from this must be given to the priest prior to the marriage ceremony.

3. Prenuptial enquiry form
This applies to catholic weddings and must be filled in the presence of the priest in the parish that you live in. When filling in this form, the couple must bring baptismal certificates, confirmation certificate, and pre-marriage certificate form, as well as any other paperwork requested, when you call in advance to make an appointment.

4. Solemnising the marriage
Once you have registered, you will be issued with a marriage registration form which grants you the authorisation to be married. This must be presented to whoever is solemnising the marriage, be it religious or otherwise.

5. Returning forms
Following the celebrations, the registration forms must be returned to the registrar within one month for marriage to be registered and recognised.

6. Status
Now that you are married, your status changes in regard to lots of things i.e. life insurance, pension, inheritance, taxation etc. etc. the list goes on and on. Visit CitizensInformation.ie where you will find a list of tabs relating to all your needs.

Award winning weddings at Shamrock Lodge Hotel

The award-winning, family owned and run Shamrock Lodge Hotel wish to extend a hearty congratulations to all those recently engaged. Having recently been awarded WeddingDates ‘Top Rated Wedding Venue Westmeath’ for the third consecutive year, we are very humbled as this award is solely based on wedding couple’s reviews of their own wedding day with us.

Our tree-lined driveway, our beautifully manicured private grounds and gardens, the warm welcome you will receive and our stunning interiors will leave you speechless. We are so dedicated to our wedding offering that we have expanded our wedding team to offer even more expertise to make sure every aspect of your wedding day is perfect. Having undertaken a number of refurbishments in the last year, with more renovations being planned for early 2023, we wish to exceed your expectations to make your wedding day everything you dreamed it would be.

We welcome you to chat to our experienced team to talk through our Princess Grace Package and to utilise the experience that we can extend to you during one of the most exciting periods of your life. Our team are available for virtual show-arounds, video calls and by appointment to the hotel. For more information, please contact us on 090 649 2601 or email info@shamrocklodgehotel.ie and ‘Let Our Family Look After Yours’ at the Shamrock Lodge Hotel.

Let your local Credit Union help finance your Spring Wedding

Wedding finance is one of the very important elements of organising your Spring Wedding that should be addressed before you get into organising any other part of your special day.

If while counting your euros, you notice a shortfall, there’s no need to start drastically cutting back on what you want to be a very special day. Help is at hand, and is closer than you think, with your local Credit Union on standby to make sure your dreams of a perfect wedding come true. Credit unions offer flexible wedding loans of all sizes. Many credit unions also offer discounted or promotional rates at certain times of the year.

The great news is that you don’t necessarily need to be a member of a Credit Union to be eligible for a wedding loan. However, keep in mind that members are at an advantage so, if you’re not already a credit union member, join your local or workplace credit union today with whatever you can afford.

Use this account specifically as your Wedding account; make a note of the IBAN number and don’t be shy to add this to your wedding invites and request your preference for finance rather than gifts for your wedding.

When you successfully receive your wedding loan, you can use this to pay for your wedding reception, dress, flowers, photographer, invitations, honeymoon and any other wedding costs associated with your special day.

Talk to your local credit union today about their range of wedding loans that best suit you.

Make your wedding day picture perfect with Kelly Photography

Catherine Kelly is a fully licensed and insured wedding and portrait photographer, based in Mullingar, County Westmeath. Catherine is very much a people person and a passionate photographer, with almost 20 years experience. Having learned from the best (i.e. her Father), Catherine found herself working and managing a number of photographic labs where she learned about developing, printing and presenting images, before concentrating on starting her own photography business.

Catherine’s aim as a photographer is to create images that will be treasured for generations. She does this in a casual and relaxed way, so that your experience fun and enjoyable.

Catherine loves all aspects of photography but especially wedding photography, where she says “weddings today are as unique as the bride and groom. There is no standard, no set venue, no rules, anything and everything goes. I love the emotion of the wedding day, the highs and lows and everything in between and my images are an expression of this love”.

As a wedding photographer Catherine is as flexible and diverse as the weddings she photographs, covering all the family shots, formal and informal, as well as the precious moments of the day, that generations will treasure.

In addition to wedding photography, Catherine also specialises in maternity and newborn photography, as well as family, children, communion and headshots only.
To contact Catherine give her a call on 087 792 6620 or email: info@kellyphoto.ie and have a chat about your wedding photography requirements today. For more information, see kellyphoto.ie

Mock Media brings magic to your Spring Wedding Day

Mock Media are wedding specialists who create lifelong memories of your magical day to share and savour for years to come.

Based in County Offaly with no distance to great, Mock Media’s tagline is “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”. This famous line was the bedrock for the creation of Mock Media and a vision that was fuelled by their dreams. Mock Media is comprised of carefully selected staff who have one goal in mind – ‘To make your vision come alive’.

Specialists in all things video, Mock Media love nothing more than to work their magic on video content, so that your special day offers lifelong memories that you can savour and share with loved ones. Contact Mock Media today by phone on 085 106 8475 or by email on: info@mockmedia.ie. Let Mock Media bring magic to your Spring Wedding Day.

Sugar Plum Sweetery bring you the perfect sweet treats for your guests

Sugar Plum Sweetery on Dominick Street, Mullingar is delighted to launch their Wedding collection.

They have curated a selection of delicious handmade products to be a one- stop destination for all your wedding needs including Wedding Favours, Bridal Party Gifts and Wedding Cart Sweet solutions.

Their Chocolatiers have created a delicious selection of Chocolate & Confectionary products to suit any Bridal theme & occasion. The Sugar Plum Sweetery team are on hand to create something special & memorable for you & your guests on your Wedding day from the iconic Love bar to their selection of Love themed sweets. They also have a beautiful collection of handmade chocolate shoes and handbags – perfect gifts for your bridal party.

They boast a collection of over 60 types of Pick & mix favourites so you can pick the perfect sweets for your Wedding cart.

Please call 087 165 7967 or email hello@sugarplumsweetery.ie for help to make your Memories Sweet on your special day.

Let Ollie Gallagher, Videographer, record your special day

Ask anyone in Mullingar to recommend a great wedding photographer and the name Ollie Gallagher will be the most popular. Ollie has has a wealth of experience in capturing weddings on video. Based in Mullingar and serving the midlands, Ollie will capture the magic of your wedding day, so you can replay the day for family and friends for years to come. Along with weddings, Ollie is also available to record parties, sporting events and musicals.

To book Ollie for your big day call 087 205 4688.

Picking the perfect wedding suit

Though it can often feel like the bride takes most of the limelight on the big day, the groom deserves just as much attention. So here are the five things to remember when making a smart decision on the ultimate sharp wedding suit.

Colours To Suit: Having suits in different styles is a must for different seasonal weddings and events. Opting for the same suit in different colours could work well for variation. For a summer wedding, mix things up with a patterned, herringbone, plaid or houndstooth number to vary to add a sense of personality.

Fit Matters: The key to a pulling off a killer suit is fit, this means that it’s important to wear a suit that complements your body shape.

There are three main types of fit:

Regular – for those who prefer a classic style in a comfortable fit with room for extra movement. It’s also ideal for people with a larger build than average.

Slim – ideal for those with a slimmer physique and typically for people with an 8” drop.

Tailored – a more streamlined look and a midway option which allows more movement than a regular fit.

Think About Fabric: We often associate heavier materials with quality and expense. Wool, worsted or wool-blended suits are great quality, and maintain their shape over long periods of time. For weddings in the summer months, a linen suit keeps you cool and is highly breathable. If you’re on a budget however, cotton and polyester suits are both breathable to wear and adhere to a smart look.

Think Seasonal: Consider the season that the event will take place in when choosing your suit. If you’re a guest at a winter wedding, try to find out what the theme will be to ensure you don’t clash with the rest of the guests and groomsmen. Alternatively, a tweed suit offers a rustic look and feel. In spring, a waistcoat is the perfect back up for unpredictable temperatures.

Accessorise Your Look: Accessories can be just as important as the suit when it comes to injecting some personality into an outfit, so take time to find the perfect additions and ensure they match your suit. Cuff-links add a touch of sophistication whilst a patterned tie can look great against a dark suit. A bright silk tie is ideal for adding a splash of colour to summer events.

Find your perfect suit at Wilfs, Mullingar or Dermot Hall Menswear, Edenderry

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