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Treat your dog to a “Tonic Treat” – Made in Multyfarnham

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Local Dog Treat Business Launches in Ireland After Success Across Europe

Local man Leonard Greene from Multyfarnham has been busy putting his engineering and butchering skills to great use these past few years and has come up with a new product for his already successful existing business, Greene Canine, in Multyfarnham.

Formally a Master Butcher, Leonard has been selling his unique dog treats to specialist retailers and distributors in Scandinavia, France and several other countries within Europe for the past seven years. As a small business owner, Leonard has been now feels the timing is  right to launch a brand in Ireland where customers can shop direct.

“Levels of dog ownership has gone through the roof in Ireland with many dog lovers able to work from home now able to care for the four-legged companion they’ve always wanted, or perhaps that their children have always wanted!” says Leonard.

Made in Multyfarnham

It’s great to see locally made products being available on the market for local customers, made even more special by the fact that the founder of the company has designed and made not only the product, but much of the machinery that is required to make the product!

Tonic Treats.

“We have found that customers feel more at ease when they know where their dogs’ food is coming from and with TonicTreat they can be safe in the knowledge that the treats are coming directly from production right here in Ireland to their doors,” Leonard tells us.

He highlights the fact that the company uses only Irish ingredients where possible, adding that “Irish origin ingredients are seen as high quality and trustworthy, our meat and seaweeds are sourced only from Ireland, by their nature our herbs are sourced from around the world”. TonicTreat products contains ingredients that help to bring health benefits to your dog; “we don’t and won’t use any grain, fillers, or artificial ingredients of any kind,” Leonard confidently tells us.

The tasty real meat snacks have been a big hit for dog owners who are seeking trustworthy treats with healthy ingredients for their beloved pets. The range includes the original healthy recipe as well as products for specific health issues such as joint care, dental plaque and a natural anti-worm solution, the company has also been busy developing new treats and expects to launch several new health-focused editions later this year.

100% Real Irish Beef

The majority of all good dog treats include meat and Leonard is proud to state that he sources grass-fed Irish beef locally from animals who have been humanely slaughtered following the Department of Agriculture’s strict quality standards.

Greene Canine, in Multyfarnham.

“Meat is an important protein for dogs which needs to be replaced on a daily basis. We preserve and lock in the delicious aroma of the beef using our purpose-built air dryer, so not only is the treat supportive of good health but dogs love it too!” Leonard says. Seaweeds are the next key ingredient, which are packed full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, a special blend of carefully selected herbs is added to help with natural health remedies for different needs. Finally it’s all wrapped up in a tasty collagen skin, another important protein for dogs – great to help with healthy teeth, and joints, coats and skin.

Save Time, Order Online

An added reason to make the timing perfect for TonicTreat to launch now is that more and more shoppers are enjoying the convenience of online shopping. A box of TonicTreat will last over a month depending on how frequently owners like to give treats. TonicTreat offer  sample packs for those who wish to try out the product. Busy dog owners can also opt into a subscription service and there’s a one time 20% discount for those placing an order for products (excluding samples) before 31 October 2021.

Check out for all the information you’ll need to enable you to provide your dog with a locally made TonicTreat!

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