Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘Aged, imbeciles, unmarried mothers housed together’ – 1927 report was critical of Castlepollard home

Final report resulted in widespread condemnation

The final report, after five years, from the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes resulted in widespread condemnation of what happened in the period since the 1920s, when the new Irish State had to deal with looking after unmarried mothers and in many cases, they were moved from old-style County Homes, many run by religious orders.

The poorly financed Irish State was very keen to find a cheaper way ot having them accommodated, and considered it ideal to hand over the job to unpaid nuns, who would do the job.

The condemnation has been largely directed towards the members of religious orders who looked after the unmarried mothers, but in reading the lengthy report, it emerges clearly that Irish society, in general, wanted to “hide” away the young girls and women who became pregnant, and whose families in many cases, did not want others to know of their family “disgrace” as some saw it.


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