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Turn out the lights this Saturday for Earth Hour

Annual event takes place at 8.30pm on Saturday, 27 March

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Earth Hour, started by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and partners as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007, is now one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment.

More than a decade later, the climate crisis remains, made worse by another urgent threat: the rapid loss of biodiversity and nature.

Held every year on the last Saturday of March, Earth Hour engages millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories, switching off their lights to show support for the planet.

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However Earth Hour goes far beyond the symbolic action of switching off. It has become a catalyst for positive environmental impact, driving major legislative changes by harnessing the power of the people and collective action. Natural systems are vital for all our futures, and yet, the rate of global loss of nature during the past 50 years is unprecedented in human history. Nature not only provides us food, water, clean air, and other services worth over US$125 trillion a year, it is also one of our strongest allies against climate change. Protecting nature is one of the most immediate, powerful, and cost-effective solutions to the climate crisis.


Today, Earth Hour aims to increase awareness and spark global conversations on protecting nature not only to combat the climate crisis, but to ensure our own health, happiness, prosperity and even survival.

2021: The year that counts
2021 presents an unmissable opportunity for change. In 2021, world leaders will come together during key global conferences and forums to set the environmental agenda for the next decade and beyond. Crucial political decisions will be made on climate action, nature, and sustainable development; decisions that will directly affect the fate of humanity and our planet for years to come.

Earth Hour 2021 could be a spotlight moment that puts nature at the centre of international conversations to show world leaders and many other decision-makers around the globe that nature matters, and urgent action must be taken to reverse nature loss.


Participate in Earth Hour 2021
No matter where you are in the world, you can make an impact by participating in the hour as you speak up for nature.

The majority of planned events to mark Earth Hour 2021 will take place on line and the Earth Hour global organising team is recommending all individuals to take part online when possible, ensuring you follow local guidelines in place and maintain social distancing.

Our our own President, Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabrina have committed to ensuring that all non-essential lights in Áras an Uachtaráin will be switched off on Saturday 27 March, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm, to mark Earth Hour, as they have done in previous years.

The main event you can take part in will be to also switch your lights off for an hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm (local time). Make sure you have a stock of safe candles to use during this time – to create a cosy atmosphere at home (and make sure smaller children are not afraid in the dark).

There are several projects you and your family can take part in for a memorable (and im­pactful) on-the-night experience all from the comfort of your home; here are just a few ideas:

– Take part in the first-ever Earth Hour “Virtual Spotlight” by sharing a must-watch video that the Earth Hour Team will post on their social media pages. Share the video to your stories or to your wall, re-Tweet it, send it via DM, tag friends, etc – whether you share it with one person or one hundred, you’ll be helping to place the spotlight on the planet, the issues we face, and our place within it all. Remember to follow Earth Hour on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter to stay updated!

– Organize an event by bringing your community together (virtually) for the Hour and be a local champion of a global movement! Get online and add your event to the global event listing so others can learn more from you!

– Learn more about nature loss and climate change by reading up on the current state of our planet. There are ample resources available online and in libraries (and online libraries) to help you with this. Awareness is the first step before action. Learn about the two biggest challenges of our time, and why they are more interconnected than you might think!

– Petition for change and sign the “Voice for the Planet” petition to let world leaders know that you care about nature and that you demand urgent political action to protect our planet.

– Inspire and empower others to care for our planet by posting a photo of yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #VoiceForNature, or simply add the hashtag to an existing photo. In the caption, mention where you’re from, why nature is important to you and what you’re doing to protect your planet. These stories will be featured on the Earth Hour website and on Earth Hour social media pages.

– Have a games night or a book reading night by candle light and enjoy the simplicity of enjoying each other’s company.

– Camp Out (Indoors) for the night. While it’s still a bit too cold here in the Midlands for camping out, why not clear some space in the living room, set up the tent, turn off the lights and get your torches out to create that sense of camping out – indoors!

– Have a Music Session. It’s probably been a while since you’ve sang your heart out so now’s your chance to let your musical talents flow. Get all the family on board and make it fun by organising prizes for the best singer! Even better – compose your own song for Earth Hour and be sure to share it on the official Earth Hour social media channels.

These are just a few ideas to get your creativity flowing. Take some time to check out the Earth Hour website to familiarise yourself with the vast amounts of information available on it: www.earthhour.org.

Sustainability is at the core of what Wholesome Kitchen practice

Launching back in 2019 they ensured as many recycled and reclaimed materials were used in their fitout, plant based paints on their walls, ensuring their building is powered by 100% GREEN renewable energy, using the most efficient equipment & only use LED lighting throughout their operation – these are some of the areas they’ve focussed on to help make sure they play their part.

The majority of their packaging is compostable or recycled/ recyclable, they’ve banned plastics across all of their soft drinks offering and promote reusables by offering customer discounts in their restaurant. From using local foods where possible, banning palm oil in their ingredients, using only triple certified teas, ethically sourced cocoa & organic ingredients where possible, these are some of the ways that they also ensure sustainable practices across their food offering.

WK is on a journey to become carbon neutral as a business. In their first year and a half of business they’ve planted over 10,000 trees to date which help offset emissions. Partnering with Self Help Africa, they’ve planted the majority of these trees in Africa which also help to provide well needed jobs, food, shade and shelter – to the people least responsible for Climate Change but feeling it’s worst affects. Join WK in turning off the lights on Saturday, 27 March 2021 at 8.30pm.


Myecohub is a local SME in Mullingar that provides eco-friendly products for a healthier and more sustainable future. We specialise in air-quality monitors, energy saving monitors, water conservation adaptors and waste management products.

Creating a healthy home with better air quality and sustainable comfort is considered an essential first step in tackling today’s global environmental challenges. Issues such as reduced home energy use, greater respect for water, reduced use of plastics are big issues but tackling them starts with each and every one of us at a personal level.

All our products can be seen at www.myecohub.com 

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