Tuesday, November 29, 2022

‘It’s like a slum’ – D’Alton Park resident urges that health officials be contacted

Rubbish making life hazardous for children and all the residents

By Claire Corrigan

“It’s like a laneway in a slum in some big city to see the back lane in D’Alton Park left in this condition, drowning in dangerously unhealthy rubbish, encouraging rats and other vermin, and blocking up the lane and back entrances.”

Such was the annoyed comment this week from one local resident, living in D’Alton Park, Mullingar, and he’s one of several local people very unhappy about huge volumes of dumped unhealthy and decaying rubbish of all kinds, making life very unpleasant and quite hazardous for children and for all the residents, and blocking back entrances.

The tonnes of rubbish and waste includes mattresses, beds, broken furniture, supermarket trolleys, bags of rotting rubbish, with nappies and “all kinds of everything” – none of it pleasant, have been dumped in the laneway which is between two rows of back entrances to local houses. Vehicles have been unable to deliver oil or other fuels to people via the laneway.

“People are literally throwing rubbish out there in the lane and people know handfuls of them that are doing this”, the upset young local resident, Kevin Byrne told us. His home is affected where he lives with his wife and three children.


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