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Keeping it in the Family: James Maguire & Sons Family Butchers, Millmount, Mullingar

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James Maguire & Sons Family Butchers, Millmount, Mullingar

Kyle Maguire, Proprietor of James Maguire & Sons Family Butchers are the perfect example of what “shop local” means and are steadfast about what it takes to keep business and the local economy ticking over. Get to know a little bit more about this dynamic young team …

1. When was the business established and were any previous generations involved?
The business was established in September 1999 in Mullingar by Kyle’s father James. There were no other generations involved in the business; James set the trend!

2. Did the family live in Mullingar for many years / where did they come from?
The entire family are from Millmount, Mullingar and the three staff members they employ are all born and reared in Mullingar, and proud of it!

3. Who are the family members working in the business now?
Kyle (aged only 33 years) is now in charge and his brother Adam (aged 20 years) also works with him, along with their long time dedicated staff members, Dave Hynes, Barry Cronin and Kelvin Miller.

At your service in James Maguire Family Butchers: (L-R) Dave Hynes, Adam Maguire, Kelvin Miller, Barry Cronin and Kyle Maguire.

4. What does the business do?
Maguire’s Butchers supply high quality award winning meats and poultry that are produced locally. Kyle is proud of the fact that the majority of their products are locally sourced and come from the province of Leinster, keeping business as local as possible. Apart from having the traditional butcher shop meats and poultry, they have listened to customer’s requests and now also offer tray packs and convenience cook foods.

5.  How has business changed over the years ?
“Apart from moving our location, the high quality products and service we offer remains the same” Kyle tells us. He goes on to say that  “the demand for convenience products (tray packs) has risen but we have noticed that over the last year or so people are moving back to more traditional roasts and casserole type meals, which is nice to see. We started offering a text and collect service last year (text 087 2967565), that allows you to phone in your order ahead and it will be ready for you when you reach the shop, and delivered to your car if you so wish and that is going very well for us.”

6. Plans for the future?
“I have a few ideas”, Kyle explains “but we’re just keeping going as best we can for now until the economy gets back to some sort of normality”.

7. Any memorable moments through the years?
Kyle recalls that when his father, James passed away in August 2009, “it was tough going as I went from being a part-time worker to managing the business at the age of 21 years”. While Kyle knew the ropes from working there off and on since day one, he tells is that “it was a lot to grasp to suddenly be full time and also to be the Boss”!

Kyle also said that the recession years meant everyone had to scale back but they refused to compromise on quality.

A proud moment for Kyle and Adam and the team was when they moved shop from two doors up, to where they are now in Millmount; they moved on their Father’s anniversary, in August 2016 and he got a sense his father would have been proud of them for what the have achieved since he departed.

8. In what way do you think your family business adds something special to Mullingar?
Kyle and his family believe family businesses are very important for the town, stating “we try to support each other as much as we can.” Kyle tells us that they all have picked up their father’s philosophy of ensuring that they buy from the shops of the people who buys from them, “as that ensures the money is kept and invested in the local economy and that has to be good for the town.” Kyle reminds us that his three staff are also born and bred in the town of Mullingar and he’s proud they, as a family business, are able to employ local staff.

Maguire’s butchers are also well known for their generosity when it comes to sponsorship and Kyle acknowledges that they “do their best for local charities and organisations,” no matter how small the offering, but they feel it’s their duty as a local business to support all things local.

9. Pros and Cons of working with family in a business?
“There are none really” Kyle tells us, “except that when you are a small business and self-employed, it can be sometimes tough to keep a business going and balance a family life, a social life and a business life. When there is a family occasion, it’s also harder to get time off! But we have great trusted staff here and so we always manage.”

10. The Last Word … Kyle finishes by stating “we appreciate all the business we get and especially from local people as well as those who come from further away. Knowing that our customers trust us to deliver quality products and receiving acknowledgments of the same, means so much to us; more than the price of the product itself.”

So … take Kyle’s example and keep it local for your next Sunday roast; give Kyle and his team a ring on 044 934 4836.

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