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Mag’s Backyard Barbers is back

Many of you will read this feature and be cast back to a similar article in the Topic from 2009, on Mags Multaney from Edenderry and her new business, Mag’s Backyard Barbers.

We’ll first clarify that we’re not re-running the same article!

The business was a great success and Mags enjoyed many years cutting hair and meeting people and running her own business. Then in 2016, Mia was born and Mags and her partner John Hughes wanted to ensure

Mia had a great start in life, and so Mags decided to quit the job she loved and became a full time mother. Mags was glad of the break at that time, and she always thought she would never return to running her own business. However as Mia is now five and a half years old and has recently started school, Mags realised that she missed the job she loved and so … Mag’s Backyard Barbers is back!


Mags Multaney, originally from Kinnitty in County Offaly has been cutting hair almost all of her adult life, having trained in London for ten years with the likes of Vidal Sassoon. Mags moved to Edenderry about 15 years ago and set up her own business shortly after that.

Having trained with the best in the art of using scissors to cut hair, Mags favoured barbering over hairdressing. “There is a quicker turnaround of clients and I enjoy just doing exactly what people want me to do with their hair – which is a quick cut, style and away you go,” Mags explains.

The Changing World of Hair

While the world of barbering has changed a bit since she first started to cut hair, Mags proudly tells us that she too kept up her skills and quickly learned the art of using a machine razor to cut and style hair, with hair tattoos being the latest craze.

“It’s great to see lads spending more time on themselves nowadays in that they articulate what style they want their hair rather than just the usual short back and sides” Mags says, adding that “Lads definitely are fussier than girls when it comes to their hair.”

Mags points out that ladies are welcome in Mag’s Backyard Barbers and she ensures to point out that ladies are charged the same prices as men for cuts.

It Takes a Special Kind of Person to be a Barber

One of the things Mags missed the most when she was not working as a Barber, was chatting to people, meeting people and working with people.

Left: John Goulding and sons Harry and Ollie at Mag’s Backyard Barbers, Right: Mick Morrissey getting his hair cut at Mag’s Backyard Barbers.

She acknowledges that being a Barber is not for everyone but it is something she seems to have eased into without effort. “I absolutely love my job,” Mags tells us and goes on to say how happy she feels knowing she will soon be back doing what she loves most. “I know it’s energy intensive and you have to put in a lot of effort to make sure clients are comfortable and relaxed but that usually only takes a few minutes and once that happens, you become a sort of therapist; people just start talking about all sorts of things and many apologise for rambling on and on when my work with them is finished,” Mags laughs, adding “But I love it and I couldn’t see myself doing any other job in the world and it’s great that I get to be there for Mia as well as do my own thing.”

Massive Thank You

Mags would like to say a massive thanks to all her family, her friends, and all those who helped getting her salon in her backyard operational again. “You know who you are” Mags says and wants all of you to know that she “really appreciates each and every bit of help you have given” her.

Mags Backyard Barbers – Opening Times

Mags explained to us that a barber shop traditionally never had an appointment system. Men usually just called in and waited their turn for a haircut. There was no rush or sense of urgency and a haircut was an event you sat back and enjoyed.

Mags is maintaining that laid back, drop in approach in her barber shop during certain hours that will allow her to still be a full time mother.

So, for the best cut and style in town, contact Mags Multaney on 087 762 4759 and make a note of Mags’ working hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mag’s Backyard Barbers is open from 10am to 1.30pm and again from 2.30pm to 6pm, except on Thursdays, when she stays open to 8pm.

A warm welcome awaits.

On Saturdays, Mag’s Backyard Barbers is open from 1pm to 6pm.

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