Sunday, May 19, 2024

‘Lowest of the low scum’: Attempted break-in at home of local radio broadcaster

There was an attempted break-in in the Riverstown area of Killucan on Thursday, 14 March. “Someone tried to break into our house just a few minutes ago, pure scum bags, scaring my wife out of her wits, keep an eye out,” wrote Joseph Cooney — a presenter on Midlands 103 — in a social media post that evening.

No items were stolen and the invader was scared away before they could force entry to the house. Joe’s wife, Marion, was home alone at the time when she heard keys rattling at the back door. She observed a figure through the stained glass in the back door trying to force the handle. Marion screamed which alerted the invader who fled the scene. She immediately texted Joe who was presenting his show on Midlands 103.

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