Monday, July 22, 2024

Strong panel to give insights and tips in positive mental health

After the successful launch and distribution of MYSELF 2015, with 5,000 booklets distributed to front line service, schools kids and teachers, Mullingar Lions Club are planning the launch of MYSELF 2016, on Wednesday 2 March in the Greville Arms hotel at 8pm.

MYSELF – Mullingar Youth Supports Embracing Local Families, is an initiative being implemented by Mullingar Lions Club to support young people, families and carers, to promote a positive understanding of mental health in our community, what protects it, and the risks factors that can have an impact on it. The booklet contains useful websites and help lines available locally and nationally, and there is also an app available for both iPhone and Android users.
To help launch MYSELF 2016, Mullingar Lions Club have lined up a strong panel to give some insights and tips in positive mental health.

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