Tuesday, September 26, 2023

All go for fitness centres in Mullingar as people shake off the winter blues

The people of Mullingar have been turning up in droves to local gyms this January in a bid to start off the year right and burn off some of the overindulgence that took place over the Christmas period.

Gary Ball, Manager of Club Active Gym in the Mullingar Business Park, spoke to Topic this week offering some advice to all those new and aspiring gym goers.

“We’re getting loads in now, January is really where things start to pick up,” he said. “The best advice I could give to someone is to just walk in the door of a gym. If you’re humming and hawing – just do it.

“Everything after that is easy once you can see that a gym isn’t some big scary place. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you’ll have people of all fitness levels.”


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