Monday, February 26, 2024

Ambitious whiskey project set to put Moyvore on the map

A proposed whiskey maturation warehouse has the potential to put Moyvore and Mullingar on the international map, with significant tourism and employment benefits. The first phase of the €138m project on a 100-acre site will come before Westmeath County Council later this month and ahead of that a public meeting will take place with the people of Moyvore on 19 July.

Alan Wright, joint CEO of the Mullingar Writech Group, is one of two Mullingar businessmen behind the development, Project Vault, and he anticipates that the first 12 warehouses will be ready for February 2019, with 80 full time construction jobs provided. After that a further 20-25 jobs are expected and if, as expected, the tourism benefits are realised, there is further employment potential.

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