Thursday, May 23, 2024

Burke ‘front runner’ for full Ministerial position

Athlone inadvertently became a ‘king maker’ for Fine Gael last Sunday afternoon with the choosing of a new party leader, two European Elections candidates, and also the widespread belief that Westmeath TD and Minister for European Affairs, Peter Burke, TD will shortly be elevated to a full Government Minister position. Mr Burke is said to be the  “front runner” to take a full Ministerial post.

It will mark the first time that a Westmeath TD was in Cabinet since Athlone’s Mary O’Rourke (1992) and Athlone’s Paddy Cooney (1987), and the first time ever that a Mullingar TD would be a member of the Government. Taoiseach designate Simon Harris will be elected Taoiseach by Dáil Éireann on Tuesday, 9 April, where he is expected to then announce a Cabinet reshuffle.

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