Saturday, September 30, 2023

Buskers not banned from Fleadh 2022

By Claire Corrigan

Bye-laws that are set to come into place ahead of the Fleadh will see people who contravene them facing penalties of up to €2,500.

The draft Street Performers and Amplification for Events Bye-Laws 2022, which will be implemented by An Garda Síochána if required, were discussed by members at the latest District meeting ahead of the Fleadh in August and members are set to be voted on the bye-laws on June 13.

Members of the public and anyone interested has one month to send in submissions to the Council.

Cllr Ken Glynn (FF) asked if the bye-laws were similar to those in other towns where the Fleadh has been held, with Director of Services, David Jones responding that Drogheda, Ennis and Sligo introduced similar bye-laws and the Council used these as an example.

Regarding amplification from premises such as pubs, the bye-laws states it is unlawful for amplification of music from such premises if it is deemed to be causing a disturbance to the general public or is inconsistent with the ethos of the event, e.g a pub blasting out rock music during the Fleadh.

The bye-laws would mean that a street performer is only permitted to perform in a specific location for a maximum period of two hours in any day to allow other performers a chance to play.


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