Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Council wants ‘zero tolerance’ in tackling unruly tenants

Tenants’ poor behaviour costing them €400,000 p.a. to rectify

Demand for social housing remains high, but the elected members of Westmeath County Council are up in arms over some unruly and problematic existing tenants who, Monday’s meeting (29 March) was told, do not appreciate the homes they have obtained.

Such tenants are engaging in ongoing anti-social behaviour, are involved in drugs and also contributing to a growing problem regarding illegal dumping and hoarding household waste – which is now costing the Council between €300,000 and €400,000 per year to rectify.

And this is happening at a time when councils have much less money from paid parking or other local sources, and ratepayers are in difficulties.

At a time when many people are attempting to secure a home for lengthy periods, there was condemnation by members of those who engage in such behaviour and Westmeath County Council has been urged to take a tougher stance with any unruly tenants.


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