Tuesday, December 6, 2022

“Diabetic children are left with no services” – Cllr. Smyth receives support from other members

By Claire Corrigan

Cllr. Hazel Smyth asked the Municipal District meeting of  the Mullingar-Kinnegad members that the district write to the HSE regarding allocation of additional resources to the endocrinology department (paediatrics) at Mullingar Hospital, which has recently been forced to cease provision of services due to lack of staff and resources.

She had received no response, she told the members.

Cllr. Smyth said that she hoped to have the “support of  my fellow councillors on this” and she had been informed Dr. Michael O’Grady, consultant paediatrician at Mullingar hospital, is “no longer in the position to ensure the safety of the patients there because of a lack of resources.”


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