Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘Don’t touch our bollards’ – residents reject bus route running through housing estate

Westmeath County Council have not replied to angry residents

Dozens of the residents, a total of 69 in all, have sent a petition to Westmeath County Council, insisting that no bus route should be sent through their quiet housing estate, and on into Glenview Heights and Great Oaks – and they are very upset at receiving no reply or anything back from the local authority.

The residents sent their petition by registered post to Westmeath County Council on the afternoon of Friday, 26 February, almost two weeks ago, but received no acknowledgement, and adding to their annoyance, they have spoken to elected public representatives and felt they were not fully aware of how serious an effect creating a new “road” from their estate into those adjoining estates, would have on the traffic situation.

“We would have a rat run from the Delvin Road across to the Dublin Road, through our estate, Mrs. Olive McKinley told Topic this week, when she explained why the Great Oaks residents, some of whom have lived for more than half a century on the estate, when it was newly built, are so upset.


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