Monday, December 11, 2023

Urgent need for more bins to tackle dog fouling problems

Issued raised at Municipal District meeting

By Damien Maher

County Councillors have called for a significant increase in the number of bins for dog poo in and around Mullingar, stressing that with more people now owning and walking dogs, there is an urgent need to tackle the dog fouling “epidemic”.

The issue was raised once more by Cllr Ken Glynn at a meeting of the Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad on Monday. He said he has been requesting additional bins for the past three years.

“Around the town of Mullingar, I have had people telling me that you won’t find a bin from the start of the roundabout coming to Ardleigh/Ardilaun (on the ‘C-Link’), until you get to the far side of the Hospital. That’s a considerable walk. I raised already the fact that we have no bins outside the Educate Together School,” he said.

“Many dog owners walk their dogs and carry bags through these locations, right around (the ‘C-Link’). That’s a considerable distance. If you walk around about into Patrick Street, there is one bin, yet when you go into the Town Park, we have 13 bins.


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