Saturday, December 3, 2022

‘Enough is enough!’ – Mother and daughter living in dire conditions

Many people are facing the issue of paying exorbitant rents while struggling to survive on a day to day basis, and this devastating issue was dramatically highlighted this week when a woman contacted Topic about her current substandard living situations.

By Claire Corrigan

The woman, Inma Hidalgo and her 21 year old daughter, Victoria Pelo, also face the prospect of homelessness after they were dropped from the Council housing list, following a job change which came with a marginal increase in her wage.

This new income now disqualifies them from a place on the housing list yet they are still on comparatively low wages and with rents at an all time high, they will never be able to afford to purchase their own property where they could live comfortably with their two dogs that the woman took in, after moving to Ireland eight years ago.


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