Father’s devotion helped son’s recovery

They say there is no love like the love a parent has for their child and speaking to Paul O’Brennan about his son Cormac, that love is very clear to see.

It is also evident that the devotion shown by Paul since he first reached his son’s bedside in Christchurch, New Zealand played a key role in his astonishing recovery from near-death brain injuries.

When twenty-year-old Cormac left for New Zealand on 3 September last, the family had no idea what the months ahead would hold.Then his parents and family members were devastated when they received an urgent call in early January saying that he had fallen 80 feet down a cliff, and was given less than a 10 per cent chance of survival.

Despite the frightening diagnosis,Cormac has battled back against all the odds and he arrived home last week, after an incredible recovery which has shocked medics at the Christchurch hospital where he initially fought hard for his life.